Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Carson

The other night we were at my parents house, playing in the backyard. Carson saw the hose lying on the ground and wanted to water the flowers. So he goes about until all the flowers had a drink of water. My dad told Carson to squirt Matt with the hose, Carson does. Matt told Carson the squirt my dad, Carson does. Carson proceeds to squirt the hose at my mom and me. Then unexpectedly, Carson turns the hose towards his face and presses the handle squirting himself. IT WAS HILARIOUS. We were all laughing so hard. Carson thought it was so funny that he squirted himself in the face again. It took everyone about 5 min to recover from laughing so hard. Never a dull moment when Carson is around.


Mel said...

How cute, I thought you were going to say he hated it. I love the silly things kids do!

Jen said...

oh how much fun!! I bet you never have a dull moment.