Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh Carson

The other night we were at my parents house, playing in the backyard. Carson saw the hose lying on the ground and wanted to water the flowers. So he goes about until all the flowers had a drink of water. My dad told Carson to squirt Matt with the hose, Carson does. Matt told Carson the squirt my dad, Carson does. Carson proceeds to squirt the hose at my mom and me. Then unexpectedly, Carson turns the hose towards his face and presses the handle squirting himself. IT WAS HILARIOUS. We were all laughing so hard. Carson thought it was so funny that he squirted himself in the face again. It took everyone about 5 min to recover from laughing so hard. Never a dull moment when Carson is around.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Makenzie turned one last Thursday and we had quite the day. In the morning we went to the grocery store to buy food for her party and balloons. Story about the balloons, I had put them into the back of the car and Matt had left the car door open, he told me to grab the balloons and I looked up just in time to see the balloons fly away into the sky. I was not very happy. So I went back into the store to have balloons blown up again. We get home and Carson starts to play with the balloons and pops one. I was once again not very happy. The balloons where the curse of me that day.
We had family over for dinner, cake, ice cream and presents. We had bought Makenzie mostly clothes since she really needed them and she looked so dang cute. She did very well eating her cake and very much enjoyed it. We had a wonderful time and are grateful that Makenzie is a part of our family. I just love her so much and look forward to watching her grow up.

I just love her cute smile

Picture Perfect!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So about a month ago I decided to take some time off from work and that time has now come. I have this week and half of next week off. Will I able to relax you ask, not hardly. We have Makenzies 1st birthday, a family reunion, high school graduation, memorial day, and doctor appointments. Those are the planned things, but something else is bound to happen. It will be nice not having to wake up at 5am to go to work for a week. Oh glorious sleep how I have missed you. I hope to get in some good work-outs, try to finish some of the many unfinished projects and spent has much time outside as possible to work on my tan (and to play with the kids of course). Here to TIME OFF FROM WORK:) if only you could get time off from being a wife and mother

Friday, April 9, 2010


So much to say and not enough time. The kids are asleep and I have neglected the blog world. Now that I have facebook I have not done much blogging. So blog world please forgive me.

Life is going well in the Meldrum home. Matt is liking his new branch and all the work that comes with it. He is doing very well at bringing home the bacon. Flag football has started, yay!!!!!!!(sarcasm). He plays on Saturdays which causes conflicting of schedules since we both work on Saturdays so he has to find babysitters for the kids. Matt did have his birthday a month ago and he got to go skiing for the day. He loved it and wishes he could go more often.

I have changed my schedule at work so hopefully I will have more time to do the things I want, like blog, and activities with the kids. I have committed myself to running a 10K race in July so I have been going to the gym on average 3 times a week. I really do enjoy it plus it helps get rid of the baby fat I still carry. My calling in primary keeps me busy and some days I wish I could get released, but I do enjoy being with the children each week.

Carson is all boy all the way, but his famine side is coming out. He loves to help me do the dishes, cook, sweep, vacuum, laundry, and anything else I might be doing. He loves to play with his stuffed animals and pretend they are his babies. He also is very helpful in taking care of Makenzie, a little too much at times. I can't wait for the warm weather to stay so I can take him outside every day. He could live outside if I let him. He is afraid of the dark and still does not like to try new foods.

Makenzie is getting so big. She turns 1 next month. She has 4 teeth and is so close to walking. She is very much a mommas girl and if I am around won't let anybody hold her or she will throw a fit. She loves to push her walker around in circles and Carson likes to hop on for the ride. She can climb stairs so the gate has been put up. We are introducing table food to her and she seems to be doing good with it.

That's a little bit if whats been happening. The kids are waking up and its time to head to the gym.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Matt was promoted this last week at work and started his new job on Monday. He went from being a Service Manager 1 to a Service Manager 2. Which means he does the same job just at a bigger branch and has more employees to manage. It is the next stage he needed to take to continue on becoming a branch manager. If he does really well for the next year then he could become a branch manager this time next year and then make enough money so I would not have to work. Which would work out really nice because I would like to have another child next year and I don't know if I could handle working 6 days a week with three children. So there are some good things happening right now for more good things in the future.

Congratulations Matt!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Well I finally joined Facebook. So let me be your friend:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Carson's Injury

Last night at around 5 pm I was feeding Makenzie and Carson had gotten into our closet under our stairs and was playing around in their. Before i knew it Carson was crying and then his cry was getting worse. So I set Makenzie down to go and get Carson. I find him hold his foot and our bucket with rice in it on the floor. He had somehow pulled the bucket down and it landed on his foot. His right big toe immediately turned purple under his toenail and he had some bleeding with lose skin. I took him to the bathroom to wash his foot and to get a better look at it. It does not look to bad, but looks can be deceiving. I give him Tylenol because he was in a lot of pain. I could not get him to calm down and even put an ice bag on his toe to help with the swelling and pain. I called Matt at work, told him what had happened and to come home quickly to help calm Carson down. By the time Matt had come home I was able to calm Carson down with helping me cook dinner. He was limping the rest of the evening and Matt and I debated whether we should take him to see a doctor not knowing if it might have been broken. We decided to hold off and see what today would bring. I put Carson to bed around 8:30 his normal time and he went down just fine. An hour later he wakes up crying in pain. I get him and bring him downstairs to watch T.V. with me to calm him down and I could not. You could tell he was in a lot of pain. So I try to call Matt who had left at 9 pm to play basketball to have him come and take Carson to the Hospital. I could not get a hold of him and was getting mad.

I called my brother to come and hang out at my house because I did not want to wake Makenzie up and take her to the hospital. My brother tells my mom that I have to take Carson to the hospital and then she calls me. I did not call her first thinking that she was in bed and did not want to wake her. I tell her what happened through my tears and she comes to my house to go to the hospital with me. I still have not been able to get a hold of Matt and have left him messages. So my brother his here with Makenzie asleep and Carson, my mom, and I head the hospital. The waiting room was full and we waited for quiet awhile. While we were waiting I finally heard from Matt who was done playing basketball and says he did not hear his phone ring. I told him to just go home so my brother could go home. We debated about him coming to the hospital so I could go home and sleep, but we did not do that. I think we finally got taken back around 12:30am to see a doctor. While we were waiting in our room Carson had a dirty diaper and I forgot to bring anything with me. So my mom runs to the store to buy diapers and wipes because the hospital only caries newborn and adult size diapers. So we get his diaper changed with a very bad diaper rash which is causing him more pain than his toe. We got x-rays and it showed no brakes which was a good thing. They gave him medicine to help dull the pain of them burning a hole in his toenail to allow the blood and fluids to come out from under his toenail which relieved the pressure causing him to been in pain. So Carson will lose his toe nail and we have months of trying to protect his toe while a new one grows. Right now we have to be on the look out for infection. Carson did not sleep at all at the hospital so he feel asleep not long after getting in the car. I finally got home 2:15am, put Carson to bed and then myself to bed since I had to be to work at 5:30am.

I was very tired at work this morning and after a 2 hour nap I still feel extremely tired. I plan on going to bed very early tonight. This was my first trip to the hospital with a child and I hope it does not happen to often. I don't know if I can handle it, even though I think I did pretty well. While I was at the hospital I kept hoping they would not have my talk to a social worker because of how Carson hurt himself. I try to be a good mom, I Promise! Just creating memories.

Friday, January 8, 2010


On December 30 Carson turned 2. Matt was able to take the day off which was nice to have us all home for the day. When I got home from work, Matt's dad had stopped by on his way to St. George to give Carson his birthday present. I had brought home some balloons and Carson had fun playing with them. When his dad left, Matt started putting Carson's play kitchen together. couple hour project, but it was not to difficult. When he was done I got to put the finial touch on it which was the stickers. When Carson woke up from his nap we gave him his present so he could play with it for the rest of the day. That night my family came over for dinner, cake and ice cream. Carson got pots and pans and play food to go with his kitchen. He got leap frog tag and clothes. When it came time to blow out the candles he did it all by himself. He enjoyed eating his ice cream and did not want any cake. I think overall it was a great day and my baby is no longer a baby, SAD:( He has been such a joy in our lives and I would not trade him for anything. I love you Carson

Friday, December 4, 2009

6 Months Old

Makenzie went to the doctors for her check-up. She is very healthy and still a chunkster.
WEIGHT - 22 lbs 2 oz
LENGHT- 28 1/4 inches
The doctor is not too concerned about her weight. She is just very solid and is gaining the same weight as any other baby, she just started off heavier than most. She is advanced in her motor skills just like Carson was. She gets around well. She is getting the hang of the army crawl. She is becoming more vocal and talks and make nosies all the time. She loves to be played with and will smile at anyone. She is such a great baby that I can not think of what life was like before she came. We just love her!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Never any Time

Lots has been happening and I think to myself today is the day that I am going to blog and then the day is over. So finally some time to my self on the computer (Matt is into playing games computer games so I rarely get the computer at night once the children are in bed) to write.

Carson is still being Carson, all over the place. We have taken our gate down so he now goes up and down the stairs all day long. We keep our bedroom and hallway bathroom doors locked. So he can go into Makenzies bedroom and his own. He likes to go into Makenzies room and climb into her crib and play with the printer which is right next to her crib. He played with it so much one time that he changed the language setting and it took me awhile to change the setting back to English because I could not read the words. Also when Carson climbs into the crib, he does not know how to get so he waits for me to get him. I very clearly remember him climbing out of his crib causing us to convert his crib into a toddler bed at 17 months of age. He is obsessed with playing in the kitchen. He has to pretend to cook, bake, play with the dished in the sink and help himself to anything in the fridge. It is very cute at times and frustrating at times. I cannot wait until his birthday when he gets his play kitchen, hoping he would leave mine alone.

Makenzie is getting so big, she is 6 months old and is so close to crawling. She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees and get really frustrated that she can't quite move yet to reach those toys. She has started solid foods. She has been eating rice cereal for a month now and on Thanksgiving day tried sweet potatoes which she did not like. She has no interest in holding her own bottle and will give a smile to any who looks or talks to her. She has been unusually fussy the past couple of days and it makes us wonder if she has a tooth trying to come through.

Matt and I are doing well. Last weekend, Matt took the kids up to Logan to visit his family while I stayed home. I almost cried missing my kids, but it sure was nice having a clean house and not having pick up or cook. I must admit that I spent a lot of my time cleaning but I did get to do some fun things. I went to Quilted Bear, dinner and a movie "New Moon" with my mom on Friday and then did some shopping and made curtains for Makenzies room on Saturday. I was excited to see my family return home unharmed on Sunday night. Work for both of us has kept us pretty busy. I have been trying to get extra shifts to help pay for Christmas and matt has being trying to get a couple of hours of overtime each week.

Thats all for now. Hopefully I'll have time to download picture for all to see.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Boys Trip

A couple months back when my dad was in town, my brothers and Matt all talked about going to Denver to watch the Jazz first game of the season against the Denver Nuggets. They were able to plan the boys road trip and go watch the game. The Game was last Wednesday. So Matt and my brothers left Tuesday night and left just before the storm hit. They got to Denver about 2:30am and the last couple of hour driving, they were driving in snow. They woke up and chilled at my dad townhouse for the day. They went out to dinner before the game. They had 9th row seats across from the Jazz bench. Unfortunately the Jazz lost, but they all had a great time. On Thursday it snowed all day so they did not get to do much site seeing. They left Friday morning and got back into town around 5:30pm. Matt had a great time of not dealing with work or having to take care of the kids.
So for 4 days I got to experience what it is like to be a single parent. It was difficult at times, but it was not to bad. I took time off from work due to not wanting to get a babysitter @ 5am. I was able to get things done around the house and got some sleep. Both Carson and Makenzie were sick so we did not go out. We just stayed home and played. I was glad that Matt had a fun and safe trip. I was excited to see him and so were the kids. Since Matt was able to leave for a couple of days, we decided that Matt would take the kids to Logan to see his family and I would stay home so I could have a couple of days to myself. I think that is a fair trade. I sure am looking forward to that, but I sure will miss my family.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Primary Program

Our primary program was given today and they did a wonderful job. I am very glad that it is done and I don't have to worry about it for another year. Luckily I have wonderful counselors and chorister to help make my calling easier. Our theme was "My Eternal Family" and all year long we talked about our families and returning back to our Heavenly Father. My stress level kept going up as this last week progressed. I worried about not having the children show up and them not sitting reverently while on the stand. I was amazed by how many showed up and how well they did. We have sacrament last and so while we were practising I was already starting to cry. Their were times during the program I would tear up and when it was my turn to talk at the end, I had to compose myself in order to talk. I thought it went extremely well. I really do love my calling and am grateful for it.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 months old

Our cute Makenzie is now 4 months old. She is getting so big so fast. She did have her doctors appointment this past week and she is very healthy. She did get shots and cried really hard for a minute and then calmed down. When we got home I gave her medicine to help with the pain. I had to go to work that night so I told Matt to keep an eye on her. Well she had quite the fit and screamed for half an hour. Matt finally gave her a little bit more medicine, even though it was not time for more, and she was able to calm herself down to go to sleep. Poor girl. What a ruff day. Her stats are as follows:
Lenght - 26 1/2 inches
Weight - 18 lbs 9 oz
Head - 43 cm
She was off the charts. We have one big baby. She does not look 4 months but she sure is cute. She loves to be held, can roll over, laugh, smiles all the time, loves to chew on her hands, only wants a pacifier when she wants to sleep, and lets you know when she is tired or hungry. She really is such a calm and mellow baby. We just love her and so does Carson. He can't wait until she can play with him.
We decided to take some pictures. Enjoy!

I just love this picture.

Are we done yet?

What a cute SMILE :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Driving Pet-Peaves

So as I was driving to work the other night, I noticed some things that really bug me about driving. I thought I would share them with you. (Mind you I am not a perfect driver and I have been guilty of doing the things mentioned. )

1- I really, really don't like being suck behind one car (making me #2 in line) when that car is going straight and I need to turn right. Most of the time I cannot get past them to turn, so I have to wait for the light to turn green in order for the car to move forward so I can turn. This almost always happens to me when I am on redwood road trying to turn onto 35 south. I get really frustrated having to wait. I think they should leave the right lane clear for those that are turning right and those going straight can get over into the right lane after the light. (only in my perfect world)

2- It really, really bugs me when people are turning left on a red light and I have a green light to turn left. I end up spending some of my green light turn time waiting for those people to drive threw who think that where they need to go is more important than my destination. I think that there should be a two second time period where all lights are red for those to finish driving threw. Then I and the cars behind or in front of me can use all of the time allowed on a green left turn arrow.

Basically I much prefer driving at 5 am when they are no cars on the road. I have gotten used to that so I tend to get frustrated more often now when I drive during rush hour.